Turning the corner.

So I think I am finally turning the corner with my son.

We have made it through that 1st year…

you know, the one where you are just trying to keep your head above water.

The one where you just try to figure out how to function as a family of “plus one”.

The one where you are usually delving into uncharted waters of special needs, and loss, and trauma;
all the while trying to also fix supper
and maybe get your other kids
…oh, that’s right I have other kids too
to softball practice on time.

Yeah, that year.

We made it through that one.

And now, we have even made it 3/4 of the way through that 2nd year…

you know, the one where you finally feel like you can see glimpses of the “real” them.

The one where you actually begin to stop doubting your survival.

The one where you begin to see real, honest attachment taking place.

Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s where we find ourselves right now.
And it’s such a beautiful, encouraging place to be.

Such little things, but absolutely some of my most precious memories.

-The other day, as I was dropping him off at school, I was suddenly prompted to lean over and give him a kiss goodbye. Well, he planted me one right on the lips and skipped off like he has been doing it everyday. No excessive giggling, no awkwardness just honest affection.

-We were leaving the ball field the other night, and he ran up beside me to take my hand. Just wanted to hold it as we walked to the car. Wasn’t trying to be manipulative-again, honest affection.

-This letter for Mother’s Day. Scribbled down at the ball field one night while doodling on some paper. The third sentence just makes me cry puddles of tears. For him to know…


These moments envelope me from head to toe.
I don’t even really know what to say about it.
It’s almost like wooing or courting someone in a prearranged marriage.
Goodness! You KNOW those first signs that it’s working are so fulfilling!
Well, it may be silly, but that’s the only thing I can think to compare it to.

I’ve never experienced anything like it and I will take all the hard just for these most precious moments. It’s absolutely worth every mile walked, and worth all the miles we still have yet before us.

Written for WAGI (We Are Grafted In)/Sparrow Fund blog. 
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Seasons Change.

To every thing in life there is a season.
So cliché, right?
But really.

Life is about seasons.

Right now you and I are in a Season of Life.

There have been seasons of no sleep with feeding babies, tear-filled times of waiting for adoptions, days when my family was small and play dates with friends were plenteous.

Seasons when I felt lonely, the stressful times of potty training, the bittersweet moments of sending them to school, the shaking and trembling decision to homeschool.

I think of seasons when my life was slower, when I had to take time to nurse my baby and I had an excuse to hide away from the world.

Days before kids, when my hubby and I could make a midnight run to Sonic just because we wanted to, or take a spontaneous trip, or go on a date, and it affected no one.

I think you get the idea.

And I have found myself in seasons when I thought…
When God will this end??!!
Please God don’t let this end??!!

Right now, you and I are in some of season of life, either one I mentioned above or maybe something unique to you.

But He is Faithful no matter what season we find ourselves.
And here is where I see my opportunity.

Whenever we are in a season we rarely have the perspective we need to appreciate the season that is taking place.

We can usually only see things to complain about.

But there will always be things to complain about.

Instead we should focus on truly reveling in the things we enjoy about the season we find ourselves.

Look around at the season you are in. If you don’t know what you enjoy, figure it out.

Your season will only last for just that, a season.

When it is gone you don’t want to regret that you focused on the negative things of that season so much you missed the good.

Then, when you look back, you can be fulfilled in knowing you took part in those moments and were present there, instead of getting caught up in regret or trying to recreate the past.

There are things in each season you just never get back.

But that’s ok, because you are living it.
And this season is all part of the beautiful tapestry God is weaving of your life.
You are you because of everyone of them.