Aaaaand we’re off!

Well, here we are again. Ready to fly.


I can hardly wrap my mind around it.
Child number 6.
11 month process start to finish.
All God has provided up to now.
It’s all very surreal.

This girl is SUPER excited too.


First flight.
And she’s lovin’ it!

We are on our way buddy.
Just gotta get this little 18 hour flight thingy over with.

People on planes y’all!
They never know the rules.
Bless ’em.

And here is the first of many more weird photos on a plane…


I get bored guys.

See ya from China,

Here we go again…

Getting ready to travel.

So what better thing to do,
when you have a million important things to do,
than waste several hours rewriting an 80’s song and making a silly video??!!

Why not?


T-minus 11 days till Gotcha Day!!