Park fun.

Our guide took us to a beautiful park today that we have never been to before.

I believe it was called Liuhua.

Which means flowers floating on the water or something of that nature.

It was sooooo beautiful!



The parks are one of my most favorite things about China.


Not only are they beautiful, but I love how the people enjoy them.

They come and dance or sing, play games, exercise, do tai chi.

And not a soul feels inferior for expressing themselves.

And not a soul is out there trying to impress anyone.

At this particular park, they had amazing exercise equipment and ping pong tables. So we got it there and partook with all the locals.



And Shaun, who is an out-of-practice ping ping player, got to add another life experience to his resume.

Playing a set of ping pong with a local Chinese man-in CHINA…check!

They also had a little amusement park there with two roller coaster rides for the bigger kids, the swing ride, and several other rides for the smaller kids.

It pretty much rocked.



It was a really fun day.

And to top it all off, tonight Si Shou had to hold my finger till he fell asleep.

He has me wrapped around his finger.



Ps. Zoe says we should pack up all our stuff and move to China. She says she would miss her friends though. 😉

Swimming and other things.

Little man has officially swam twice now. He cannot understand that these shorts are ok to get wet.

So every time we get in he feels like he has to pull his shorts up. 😉

But he is getting more and more comfortable. And it is so fun to watch these little ones experience the pool for the first time.


He cracks up when we go under water, and especially today when Zoe let him push her in.

He has an awesome laugh.
It is infectious.


He really likes Shaun the best.


He will play with me, let me snuggle him and feed him.

However, when it comes to who will carry him, or hold his hand when we are walking, or who will help him with his shoes, or who he will be sitting by…

it’s Shaun first,

Zoe second,

and then…he’ll just do it by himself or figure something else out.

I’m not quite an option yet. 😉

It makes me a little sad, but I understand. And I know he will come around eventually. He is already figuring out I have all the things, and he is being very sweet to me.

I am glad Shaun is getting all this love. He will miss it when he goes back to work. And it is so sweet to watch Milo love on his Baba.


And guys, I’m sorry these pictures aren’t that great. I am trying to catch moments and I am not very good. Also, he is hard to keep up with, and what do I know about lighting and photography and such?!

Not much.

I am hoping to make a video of all the clips I have from the pool. So sweet.

Tonight, he let me sort of swaddle him in a blanket and rock him. I watched him fall asleep in my arms, and I was in heaven.

All I could do was thank God for the privilege of being his mama. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God. Though the circumstances up to this point in his life have not been a very
happy story, I am so thankful to be a part of it right now. I am so blessed.