Referral Pics!!

This past week, I was in Athens staying with my brother-in-law and his wife. (Jeremy and Crissy) They just had their first baby, Kailan Elizabeth(Cute, cutie btw), and I got the opportunity to be there with them. I got to help out with new baby stuff and cook some meals for them to eat after the dust had settled. I also had a great time getting plenty of newborn love and had fun times just hanging out with this terrific couple.

On Friday, Jeremy and I were in the living room talking when my cell phone rang. I hesitated to answer because it was an area code and number I didn’t recognize. I did though and was taken by complete surprise to hear the voice of one of our Holt case workers. My stomach immediately dropped because I just knew she was calling about some sort of problem with our dossier.

It’s only been mailed a week…we must have made some sort of paperwork mistake!

(Holt worker)-Hi Anna, we have a little girl for you! :)

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!(complete chaos happening inside me as I try to contain myself enough to have a conversation with her)

I looked at Jeremy, eyes bugging out of my head, as I jump up and down in place, and point at the phone mouthing, “THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT!” I then ran outside so that the screaming aunt didn’t wake the peacefully, sleeping newborn. (skillfully thought out)

As we spoke and she was giving me some information about our daughter, our worker said that she (our daughter) was “really a very cute little girl”. The tears now begin streaming down my face. She also told me that she had a cleft lip that had been repaired, a mild cleft palate, and that she had a small chest size for her age. (This most likely from malnutrition.) We spoke about a few other particulars and then the Holt worker informed me she would be sending me an email shortly with pictures and…..”Congratulations”!!

I immediately called Shaun since he was at work and had no idea. (While telling Shaun the news about the phone call, Jeremy had his flip video out and got all my hysterics on camera. I will post it soon.) We were both beside ourselves with joy!  We stayed on the phone together till the email came and viewed the pictures of our new daughter together as we wept with joy. I in Athens and he in Dothan.

We wanted to share our joy. Here she is, Lily Irene, the newest love of our life!

This is my personal fav! :)
We are already in love and we have already submitted our LOI (letter of intent to adopt).  I have been ready and waiting for this day! We are overjoyed!! :))))

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Now, that my heart is truly settled about this thing. Shaun and I actually looked at our adoption packet from Holt for the first time. We watched a heart-wrenching DVD that promoted adoption. After wiping all the snot off my face, we went to the section on adopting special needs. It really touched both of our hearts. We both sense this is direction the Lord is leading us.

Most of these children are not even really disabled and their medical conditions are so easily corrected. Why not? It seems they are the “let’s get rid of these” children. God has blessed us in so many ways I think I want to give some of that back. The wait is so much shorter and I know we could love and take care of one of these precious ones. I am excited about it! I used to really fear disabilities. I am not sure why. Maybe from a lack of exposure, maybe just fear of the unknown or what I didn’t understand. However, when it comes to our future child I know I could love and care for our new daughter no matter what the issue was.

And def. China! With all the little girls they have, that is where I want to help. It is so sad that there are that many sweet, beautiful little girls with no home. My heart is completely drawn there.

I also think I should explain why we are adopting a little girl. I guess having three girls it seems it would be a “no-brainer” that we should get a boy. But, why try something new when you got this girl stuff figured out! Seriously though, I always just knew I would have a little boy and was always settled with Shaun that IF we did adopt we would get a little girl. (Shaun’s family almost adopted a little girl, but her grandparents got her back at the last minute. It always stuck with him.) I figured though, why change our mind just because we never had a boy. Maybe we got a special gifting for little girls and when you find a good thing…STICK WITH IT! We always knew it would be a little girl.

So here we are. We are sending off an application for a little girl from China with minor medical correctable disorders. Lily is out there. Lead us to her Lord!

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