Kitchen Mayhem

I just thought everyone should partake of the madness that occurs when I am in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking, however, I am not very proficient at it. I really just like to get in the kitchen and throw stuff around, as you see evidenced here. Usually I just end up with food all over my clothes so now my husband does not allow me to enter the kitchen without a bib apron. This is an attempt to protect his checkbook I believe. :) Almost every cute shirt I have ever had has grease stains right around the belly or chest area.


I thought everyone else should appreciate the sacrifice that is made in the kitchen for good food in the Lo-Key household. ūüėČ

Example 1
Example 2
 Example 3
 Example 4
 Example 5
(please notice all the open cabinet doors)
Well, there you go. That was fun wasn’t it. Now, I must clean up. And, just so you know, my dishwasher is full of clean dishes. :( Some of you understand what a sadness that is…

I’m here!

Well, I would like to thank Nicole for helping me start this blog. Without her none of this would have been possible. I LOVE YOU NICOLE! And btw, Diane Proctor, if it wasn’t for your inspiration I may never have even started thinking about it. (This is completely out of my league.)

Today was frustrating as far as adoption stuff was concerned. We can’t get any definite answers on anything. Let me give you some examples. For instance…

Email #1
Hi Anna,
I have requested from our staff from China to give me a date on what day your Hague docs were sent to China–I have not got a response yet. I forwarded your NVC letter to them on 9/30 so I am assuming your documents have been submitted to the Consulate. I would expect you to receive Art. 5 in about 2 weeks or so….I will keep you updated.

Take care,

Email #2
Me: Are we traveling with a group?

Holt: We are really not sure at this point. I depends on when we get your Article 5. You may travel with a group if other families happen to be going around that time, but we really can’t say at this time. Contact Steve with other travel questions.

Take care,

Mmmmmmmk…..thanks for the help guys. Come on, really?! I need you guys to work with me :{ I know it will all be fine. It’s just annoying!