Emily Gibbs-Artisan

My sister just started making her own line of beautiful hand-crafted, decorative thing-ies. (She is the crafty one in the family.)  She had a booth at the Destin, FL Back to Nature Festival. Her stuff is lovely! (And yes I am partial.) Go like her facebook page. Here are a few fine specimens:

 She made this little owl for Sophie. It has wheat hulls inside the organic cotton stuffing that have been soaked in cinnamon and clove oil. It has a nice, subtle, comforting smell. Sohpie LOVES it!
 She has made lots of pillows. This is one of my favs.
I want this wall hanging, if she hasn’t sold it already. So pretty.
She also makes banners and lots of other cool stuff – like these cute little owl sachets for your car. (I want one of those too.) 😉

I am still amazed.

Was just back dating blogs for adoption readers and it occurred to me that not only did God confirm our new daughter’s name as Lily but also her middle name as well.

I had decided to give her my middle name, Irene. Which is cool because she will have a family name. (It was my great grandmother’s name, I think. Sorry mom.) It also means “peace”…doubly cool, right? Well, as I was typing the words God spoke to me I saw that He said she would bring peace to our life. He just knows everything. Before I even chose her name he knew what it would be. He has a great plan for us and for this little girl. She will be a peaceful, inspiration in our life.