Lily’s Story


The Leading Man and I had talked about adoption when we first got married. We had no children yet and though we had already decided to start trying to for biological children, LM began to share his heart with me about adopting one day. His family almost adopted a little girl when he was young, but the biological grandmother decided to parent her after all. LM is one of three boys so, as you can imagine, this near encounter with an almost-sister left him with a longing to have little girls one day and a strong desire to adopt.
(Lily’s first referral pic.)
I, on the other hand, was quick to agree that adoption sounded great one day, but, when one day rolled around I seriously doubted my husbands sanity. We had just moved to a new city and had left our home town, family and friends. We had just added a third little girl and without family to help out with occasional babysitting or grocery store trips I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.
(My personal favorite.)
I had hoped that somehow God would reveal to my husband that this adoption thing was out of the question, but instead, He changed my heart. He showed me, through tons of prayer, how much He believed in me and that I can do ANYTHING through His power and ability. That actually, when I am weak, then, am I strong!
After our decision was made, it was about a two year process to bring Lily home. It has been a journey that has changed my life and brought me closer to the Lord in so many ways. When we received the call about our referral I have never felt such JOY and RELIEF. We had been united AT LAST! When we saw her beautiful face, we knew that she was our daughter and that we would love her forever.
Lily was born with a bilateral cleft lip and a cleft palate. Her lip was repaired in China and she had her first cleft palate surgery earlier this year. We are scheduled for a second surgery in October. She attends speech lessons once a week and is quickly on the road to a full recovery. For more on surgery or cleft palate information, check my labels for surgery or cleft palate.
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