Judah’s Story

Judah’s story is happening right now!

On March 18th we decided to adopt our second child from China. We are reusing a photocopy of our dossier because we have been matched with a special focus child (a child on the waiting list 6 months or longer) and we have our LOI within a year of our last Gotcha Day. This is uncharted territory, since this is a new policy for China, so we are walking by faith.

(I bet he was ecstatic to take this pic. Can’t you just see the joy on his face;)

We received Judah’s actual file on June 24th. We looked and read and prayed and talked to other families familiar with his special need and did our research. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we would face whatever unknowns their might be. We could sense he belonged with us. He will be the balance to this very girly family. And because of his age, he will sit right in the middle of all of our girls. I can tell you he will be loved and adored by his sisters.

Judah is Level II Spina Bifida but seems to have full use of all four of his limbs and has control of his bodily functions. To us, he is a miracle child! We don’t know yet what will be involved with his care or if any will even be necessary at this time. But, we do know that we will love him as he adjusts to a new life in a new country with new cultures and a life with our family.

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