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As it so happens…

it’s summertime,and I am enjoying some thingsI don’t normally get to do during the homeschooling part of the year. Things like: Reading.which I absolutely relish. Exercising.which I hardly relish but love the way it makes me feel. recent years…I have found that I love it.It could have something to do with the fact that […]

The Good News and the Not-so-good News.

Let’s start with the Good!¬†We had an AWESOME visit Thursday to the cleft palate clinic! I mean hollerin’jig dancin’embarass yourselftear sheadin’good news.Little Lily is not going to need any more palate surgeries for A-while!!(insert big toothy grin)I was so concerned about the back part of her palate opening after her last surgery.You can read about […]