Hashtag. Real Talk.

I woke up today thinking “I feel like I am finally getting this 6 kids-thing under control.”

I actually got up and made something extra special for breakfast. Which has NOT been the norm on a school day when Shaun isn’t home.

Then, by about 11am reality settled back in and I remembered that I still have a lot of learning to do. Just when you think you have life by the reigns another wave crashes in.

It’s a good reminder to me how absolutely reliant I am on God’s grace, and how important it is for me to abide in Him everyday. It is His strength and His wisdom alone that can guide me as I learn how to navigate all the changes we have made and try to help those I am SUPPOSED to be leading-when I myself feel so inept.


It’s so funny because this is the first time I have felt like blogging since we got home, and then my day turned out horrible. I think that’s hilarious!

I started my day thinking, “I might just blog today about me finally feeling like making a creative breakfast after 3.5 months home. Maybe I’m finally back!”

To three hours later thinking, “God! When am I ever going to get my junk together!!”

I am laughing now because

my husband is home and the kids are outside playing.

I realize that life will always be an adventure-full of ups and downs, challenges and rough days. And the day things are just going completely peaceful and completely smooth and easy I will be in heaven.

(or maybe my kids will just be gone from the house.)

(no, my mom says “then there will be grandchildren.”)

But honestly, I would so much rather live a life full of adventure than a dull one.

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So, we pick up our mommy heads and wipe off our mommy tears. We forgive ourselves and ask eeeeevverrrryoone else to forgive us and we soldier on. Drinking deep of the grace of God.

And I am preaching to myself obvs., but take some encouragement today if you need it. You’re not alone.

Each day, I will say, that things are getting better and better. A little boy is learning English very quickly and stealing everyone’s hearts.


Other kids are starting to love each other more and not be jealous.

Certain churens are beginning to gain confidence and realize that they are sons not visitors.

Certain mommas are learning to walk away and cool down before handling situations… and just trying to enjoy life more.

And maybe the laundry got done this week and we only ate pizza once…but the week is not over yet. Don’t hold your breath.

Soldiering on,


One Response to Hashtag. Real Talk.

  1. stopforflowers says:

    oh yes mama!!! amen and amen!!! still trying to figure it out, kinda gave up on figuring it out! hahaaha!
    yet, SO blessed! :) <3