Medicals, Museums, and More

We have been able to experience some new things this go around, which has been nice.

We went to a museum that is all about the Guangdong province.

It was very interesting.

It highlighted all the different cities and regions in Guangdong and showed what they were famous for, the natural resources of the province, and the precious gems as well.

There was also an entire section dedicated to the ink stones used for writing. The oldest one in the collection dated back to 300 AD!

I love history so of course I enjoyed it.

There were also some dinosaur artifacts with wildlife and sea creature exhibits included as well.



We also got to enjoy some sites of the city we have never seen before.


Yesterday, we had our medicals.

We passed with flying colors, and there were no tears.

Today, we visited the Chen family house as we have before. Which was nice because I was able to get Milo his Chinese name in calligraphy as I did for Judah.

He is now saying all of his siblings names in English. Which is super precious!

We just love this little guy. He is so happy and he loves to laugh. We haven’t had any issues other than trying to figure out his bedtime routine.

I know children usually have more issues at night than any other time so I not surprised. I am just waiting patiently for the wisdom to know how to help him. He still only wants Shaun so that is also challenging.

But he is so much fun and such a sweet hearted boy.

Thanks for your continued prayers.


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  1. Emily Gibbs says:

    Such great shots! I’m glad things are going so well! You’re time will come when y’all get home. I love you!