China says…It’s official!

Whoa, ok.

I totally forgot how hard it was to take a picture of a toddler.

Especially this guy!


He is on the move, Jack!

And he luuuuuvvvvs Baba.
This one is blurry, but I love it!


He is definitely a sport.
Active, curious, but very sweet.
He will test his boundaries very soon and we will probably see some tears, but for now things are good.

I will say, I definitely forgot how much energy it takes to keep up with a toddler.

Funny how quickly we forget.

We made it official China side today.

And thanks to Zoe, we have a photograph of the process.


He just allowed me the privilege of holding and rocking him while sitting on the edge of bed.

I sang to him and watched him get sleepy. Then, he cuddled up next to me and went to sleep for a nap.


Lips y’all!!!

And this is a shot from breakfast.

I think I have the exact same shot of Lily too.

Just like his big sister-a piece of bacon in both hands.


Enjoying every moment,

2 Responses to China says…It’s official!

  1. Amber says:

    Welcome Milo, You have a great Forever Family and a Church Family who Love you. I am glad to be your Friend and Teacher .

  2. Nikki Symasek says:

    Found you! I met you guys at Crossings and never got y’all’s info! Congrats!!!! We are waiting on TA! Hope to hear from y’all if you head up to Birmingham!
    Nikki Symasek:)