Second Birthday Home!

Last week we had the privilege of celebrating this guys 2nd birthday home.


It’s been awhile since I have done a Judah update so…

It’s taken this whole year and a half for all of us to get acclimated to having a little boy in our home, but we have all decided we LOVE it!

And I think it has taken him a year and a half to get used to having four sisters and that it involves many things he had no idea about. But truth be told, I think he likes it too.

This guy!!

He is hilarious!
A big helper!
Oh, did I mention HILARIOUS!

He is going to make a GREAT big brother to Milo and he is SO excited about it.

We are approaching the 2 year bench mark that to me is when I finally feel like my adoptive child and I are finally connecting from both sides. This is just my personal opinion, but with Lily and Judah (and I have talked this theory over with some other adoptive mamas that agree) that 1st year home you are just trying to stay above water, and try to keep the wheels from falling off of everything. You are trying to keep a safe environment for all your kiddos and spend time connecting with your new child, but alot of times (especially when you have other children) it just seems like sheer pandelirium.

What you don’t realize though is that you are laying infrastructure. Even when their behavior seems out of control, even when they do something that you know indicates you are faaaaarrrrrr from bonding with one another, even when you know in YOUR heart that you are not where you want to be-by doing what you know to do and making more good choices in how to handle things than bad, you are making progress under the surface.

Then, around the time you approach year two, you realize that you are not just keeping your head above water any more. People are actually starting to like each other. You recognize real affection, maybe fleeting or few and far between, but you see it! You feel it in your own heart. You genuinely recognize endearing qualities and begin to take a sense of pride in them. You realize that they are doing the same. They don’t shrink from your touch and affection flows between you more naturally.

This is where we are finding ourselves right now, and I LOVE it! He is finally beginning to have a greater understanding of what life is like and will be like. I am too. And we are all finally beginning to not just survive, but to SEE one another and truly KNOW one another.

This kid keeps us all in stitches, and his smile melts me.

He has grown probably 2in. since being home.

He is going to pass the 1st grade!!
It was a rough start y’all.

He is excelling in reading.

He is learning about friendship, and how to make good choices about who your friends are.

He has a hunger to know about God and Heaven.

He LOVES Power Rangers.

He has opened up to me about his life before us and his concept of family.

He is stronger.

He is an amazing artist.

I am so proud to watch this guy grow up, to be a part of his life, to call him my son.


Happy Birthday Judah-man! God has an amazing plan for your life!

One Response to Second Birthday Home!

  1. Emily says:

    I couldn’t be more proud or love you and your family more than I do. Happy Birthday Judah! We love you!