This guy!

Every adoption story has been different,

unique it’s own way.

Just like every one of my birth stories has been different and unique.

God is such a good writer.

I think He writes the BEST stories!

And this little guy’s story is beginning to be written into our lives
and our lives into his.

This part of the story that tells about how God prepared our hearts and life to receive him into it, will only be a small part of the story. But one that will be fun to tell none the less.

I can’t wait to share it with him!

And I am so interested to see what his story will look like when he joins our family.

That is always an interesting part of the waiting game.

Trying to think of what life will be like when they are here.

How will things change?
Who will it affect the most and how?
What kind of coping mechanism will he have?
How will he handle this transition?

Because Lily and Judah were both VERY different reactions, and so far this journey has been VERY different than the other two. I have a feeling little man will also be unique in his own way post Gotcha Day.

Waiting has always been the difficult part for me, but this time around I feel such a peace about it. I don’t know if it is because of experience, because I’m too busy to be consumed, or because some great aunt somewhere is is praying fervently for me, but anyway it’s been a nice change.

I have actually enjoyed the times that I have had to imagine him here with us. I just feels like a perfect fit and it never leaves me feeling overwhelmed with impatience. Instead I feel a sweetness, maybe finally understanding that this time is about preparation.

And without this sweet time of preparation, roots can’t grow deep, hearts can’t be made ready for the perseverance that may need to follow.

We get instructions during preparation.

So instead of struggling, I’m snuggling.

Listening and learning.

Enjoying the journey as God prepares our family for this guy.

Ps. I love that they dresses him like Flavor Flav.
Pps. We are logged in and out of translation. Looking for LOA around mid to late April.

3 Responses to This guy!

  1. Tonya Lokey says:

    I’m so excited to meet him, and hear of this new adventure
    & all the wonderful things God is going to do in you all & for you all including him!!

  2. Amber says:

    Welcome Milo your getting a great Forever Family, and a Church Family who Loves you.
    I can’t wait to meet and teach you, hope I can be a part of your story.

  3. Aunt Marcia says:

    He is so adorable and I can’t wait to meet him. He is going to Love being a part of your beautiful, loving family!!!
    We love y’all!