And just like that, we’re done.

It will be difficult to explain today in a few words, so I am going to let my pictures do most of the talking.

But I will say a few things.

Obviously it was very emotional, but we all tried very hard to keep it together. I think as a whole we did fairly well.

We had a round table meeting with the director and staff. We exchanged kind words, thanks, and gifts with one another; said our goodbyes; ate lunch and went on our way.

These were the donations we were able to leave:


Then, the children presented us with a framed copy of the craft that we worked on with them the day before.


It was such a sweet surprise!

Here are some of the pictures of the day:


Notice the Bible in the director’s hands! :)




Saying goodbye is never easy, but of course sometimes you develop relationships with some special ones. That always makes it more difficult.

Some of the children that we met are available for adoption and some of them are not.


This was Shaun’s buddy. Shaun gave him a Wonder Book (chinese children’s tract) and a bracelet of his that he wears often. His friend told him to wait a minute and ran up to his room and got Shaun a bracelet of his and two pictures of him when he was about 5 years old with all of the other children at the orphanage then. He has lived there all his life. A most precious gift we will never forget!



The ones that are available you will soon see me begin to advocate for.

When you can meet these children,
see them face to face,
and play with them;
this is critical information for possible adoptive parents.

Not to mention, all the additional pictures and videos we will be able to add to these children’s files.


Some of them I feel very strongly about. I know God has a family for them, and wow, would they do so well in one and bring such great joy to their family!

Lastly, we also made some special connections with some of the workers as well and were able to give them New Testaments written in English and Chinese characters.



They had asked us why we had come to do this. We had tried to explain that it was because Jesus loves children so we love children.

When we gave them the Bibles we marked Luke 18:16 and James 1:27 for them to read. Hopefully to get them started in reading.

Pray for them to be drawn to read more, for them to really give the Bibles to the staff, and that the Word will come to life in them and spread like fire.

I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity. For those of you that have supported our trip financially and through your prayers, I am so thankful!

Please know that good seed was sown and you take part in that harvest.

Goodnight from China for the last time…at least for now. 😉


Oh!! I almost forgot! Guess who just so happened to be at the orphanage working today??? One of the girls from the documentary “Somewhere in Between!” Great meeting her and hearing her talk about her work in Chinese orphanages.


5 Responses to And just like that, we’re done.

  1. Sandra Lokey says:

    Can’t wait to hear all the stories. Please know we are praying for you & rest of team. Love, Mom Lokey

  2. Toni Benton says:

    God bless each and every one of you coming home and dealing with your jetlag. Thank you for being HIS hands and feet to these sweet children. God bless each of the children and staff as well, as I know they’re still wondering why in the world you’d come.
    Know that we’re right behind you, headed to Shaanxi on 7/25, and covet your prayers as we follow in your faithful footsteps. Rest up – next year’s right around the corner!!
    Let’s Roll,
    Toni Benton, for the Shaanxi Team

    1. Anna says:

      You got it for sure, Toni!! I know you guys will have amazing time as well. Will any
      of you be blogging while there? Would love to follow along!

  3. Hey Anna,
    I am tearing up just imagining how hard those goodbyes were to do. (sniff)
    What a beautiful light your team was to those precious kiddies and staff. PRAYING for GOd to water and grow those seeds that were planted!
    I have a question: you said you will be advocating for some of the children, right. Do you happen to know if the little girl that Lex fell in love with is on the shared or agency list?
    Thank you for all the updates, it felt like I was right there with you all! I wish!;)

    1. anna lokey says:

      Johanna, I have not seen her picture on the America World page and I have looked through them all. I will double check with Emily, but I am pretty sure she is paperwork ready. I just don’t see her on their page.