Day 3 at the orphanage.

Seeing these kids every day is

Today, I wished so much my kids were with us because they would enjoy playing with and making friends with the children here too.

My group spent the morning outside with some of the older children dancing, singing, and playing games.

There is a group of about 10 older boys that are more high functioning cerebral palsy and autism that stick together.

We were able to spend a good deal of time with them today.

They bless this mamas heart!
Such sweet, loving, hardworking boys.

Here they are working on assembling small toy guns.

They shot us a few times for fun.
And because I am a drama queen I very over dramatically died.
They loved it.

Shaun and I have really enjoyed spending time with these boys.
I can’t even think how hard it will be to say goodbye.

They are all past adoption age,
but the orphanage staff have done an excellent job teaching them to be productive.
If what we have heard is correct, they should live out their days here.
Maybe at some point getting a small job to integrate them into society.

They have some of the sweetest hearts and beautiful smiles.
All very bright in their own way and willing to carry out their jobs at the orphanage
in the strictest fashion with so much pride.

I can’t stop watching them.

Shaun played basketball with one of the oldest ones today.
He is 19, deaf and mute.
He is the one that put on the magic show the first day.

A real showman.
Kind, helpful, loves to dance.
Re-wired an air conditioner on the fritz today.
I will never forget.

(tears flowing as I type)

This evening we went back for craft time with the same group we went on a field trip with.

I tried to tell them I wasn’t crafty
and no one believed me.

It’s sad when your husband’s looks better than yours.

My poor partner he was left with all the work.

He rallied though and saved the project!


After everyone finished we surprised them with a treat of Dum Dums.

Of course, everyone was very excited.

And then, we rewarded ourselves with another little treat from home.

Normally, this girl passes on McD’s
but today….
I’m lovin’ it!

Goodnight from China,

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2 Responses to Day 3 at the orphanage.

  1. Sandra Lokey says:

    Sounds like so much fun & so glad you are all having this opportunity. I know these precious kids will keep these memories in their hearts forever. Shaun is as usual being a “good daddy”. We had fun with the kiddos and already missing them. Love ya’ll.

  2. Amy Barkley says:

    I feel like a stalker following ya’ll on this trip!! I love every last detail! Your whole group has been in my prayers each and every day! Looking forward to hearing more!