2 years home.

We celebrated by splurging on your favorites at a local Chinese place.

Then, you picked out a some lip gloss and a balloon for yourself,
and gave a balloon to each one of your sisters and brother to share in your celebration.

Then, we finished the night with your favorite ice cream.


You and Sophie are inseparable these days.

You two are always up to something.
Dressing up or making a mess.

Every now and then you get mad with one another,
but best friends usually make up quick.

You’re a fashion diva and I am quite certain that when you are older
you will be able to pull off any outfit or style.
It’s just your way.

You and I have grown closer too.
There were so many days that neither of us liked the other very much,
but love has grown stronger between us.
I feel I am really getting to know you as an individual
as a beloved daughter.
You make me laugh so much,
and I think you are so very beautiful inside and out.

You don’t have any front teeth due to dental surgery,
but you recently showed us that doesn’t matter.

If you really want something don’t let ANYTHING stand in your way!!

And when good food is available, there will be no obstacles.
Teeth – schmeeth.
You don’t miss out on a thing.

You have also become very brave where new things are concerned.
You have come a long way in this area.

Sophie may help you be brave sometimes around new people or new situations,
but truth be told, you help her be brave around fair rides.

You love sparkles and dress up.
You tell me all the time you can’t wait to get bigger so you can wear make-up
…and shave your legs
…and wear a bra.
Yep, she’s 4 going on 14.

Yes, that’s right honey.
As your 16 y.o. self is reading this,
I know you are horrified that I just typed that “out loud.”

But sadly, that is what your mother does.
She lives for your embarrassment
because she loves you most dearly,
sweet Lily Irene.

Your embarrassing mother :)

6 Responses to 2 years home.

  1. This is darling!! I love getting to know Miss Lily a bit better. She’s going to love reading these letters years down the road.
    Merry Christmas, Lokey’s!
    the Heapes

  2. Emily says:


  3. Sandra aka. Nina says:

    Lily, you haved changed so much in two years. We love you so much.

  4. Sherrie Peak says:

    OMGOSH Anna…I am crying!!!! Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Lily!!! I am so glad you are in such a loving family!! I love you little dumpling!!!!!

  5. Happy 2 Year Anniversary! What a sweet blessing !

  6. Kristi says:

    Isn’t it beautiful how you can look back and see the love between a mother and child grow and develop over time? Loved the whole post, but the part about how you two have grown together made me smile a little extra!