We’re home!!!

I am so happy.

And yet so tired.

I will update more,
but let me just say…

{the awesome sign my friend had made for us.
when he read his name on it, his face LIT. UP!}

It’s going GREAT!!

He is doing VERY WELL!

And let me just say,
I don’t think he minds this sister biz
AT ALL! :)

They adore him,

and he LOVES their attention!!

We couldn’t be more pleased.

{got to meet his Nanny and Dabby.}

But of course,
we are pooped.

So this is all you get right now.
But I’ll be back.

2 cute things:

Sophie said, while giving Judah a big hug at breakfast this morning,
“Momma, I love Judah. He’s sweet.”

Lily said, during her bath time with him tonight, “Momma, Judah i’ my brodda.”

Yes he is, baby.
Yes he is.

12 Responses to We’re home!!!

  1. emily says:

    CRYFACE!!!!!!!!!!!! I can TOTALLY hear her say that too!!!!!!!! “brodda” GAWWWWWLEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Love love love!

    1. anna says:

      I was so very sweet. And her smile in this pic says it all!!

  2. Sandra Lokey says:

    Be glad when we get to see & feel that sweetness. Such cute pics.

  3. Katie S-G says:

    WELCOME HOME JUDAH AND THE LOKEY FAMILY!! I’m sure you are still totally jet lagged, and if you are anything like we were you are barely keeping things functioning. But I’m so glad to see Judah is home and doing so well in his new family. What joy!

  4. Lisa Massey says:

    So glad you all are home! Cant wait to see you and meet little Judah!!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Oh, Anna. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to comment like I wanted to. This brought serious tears to my eyes. I’m so happy you’re home and all the Lokeys are together at last. Get lots of rest and take it easy. The smiles on those kids’ faces are amazing and beautiful! God bless!

  6. stephanie says:

    Welcome home, Judah (and family)! Praying for rest as your body adjusts to a new time zone. LOVE seeing all your kiddos together!

  7. Amy says:

    So how goes life with a boy? It’s way different that girls, huh? :) I’m so happy that everything is going so well!! Welcome home!!!

    1. anna says:

      So different! Like a breath of fresh air. 😉 Thank you! We are so amazed at how he is adjusting!

  8. Kristi says:

    Nothing sweeter than kids in a bathtub…
    Glad you are settling in well!

  9. So sweet!!! I’ve had a blast following your blog. :) Thank you for sharing all the adorable photos.