Your standard pizza post.

Everyone does a pizza making post, so I felt like now it should be my turn.

Let’s just pretend this is an original idea and you have never seen it before…

Seriously, we haven’t done this in a very long time and I actually think this is the first time Girl 4 has taken part in this event.

She LOVED it!

Maybe a little unsure at first…

but completely gung-ho when it was her turn!

Of course she had some help from my #1 kitchen nazi Girl 2.

Who will make sure each one of us stay on course where our duties are concerned.

One must color in the lines, if one would like to do it right.

You can all but see her hand actually trembling to grab that spoon and do it for her. 😉

And then there is Girl 3 who is just happy to sit and eat the merchandise.

These are the ingredients I put together.

We went simple this time.

Just pep and cheese.

 They turned out delicious!

And when their plates are clean and there are no leftovers to put up, I am one happy momma!

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