So after we have been home a few days…

things are going pretty well.

He was TERRIFIED of June (our dog) when we first came home,
but thankfully, he has quickly gotten over it.

It took him a little bit to warm up to everyone, but he came around quickly.

When he is unsure of people he won’t look at them.
He just completely ignores you until he feels comfortable.
Which usually means you have to act kinda uninterested in him.
No pressure.
He likes to decide when he is ready to meet you.
It’s a control thing. :)
Which we totally understand.

He has also quickly figured out that he now loves his mama.
There is just something men can’t resist about a woman in an apron. ;)
When I started cooking up food that first day, he decided I was pretty awesome.

I am trying to adjust to life with a toddler again.
Which I totally forgot was exhausting.
But, I feel like I am a better mama with toddlers.
I am much more creative, fun and intentional with my time.

He is also finally starting to relax and sleep better.
We are getting him on a more normal schedule, which makes me feel better.
It’s never good when your little one isn’t getting the sleep they need.

Well, it is hard to find any time to update so I am sure I won’t be posting quite as much in the future days. However, Friday is his first appointment with the surgeon so we definitely appreciate your prayers. I am very excited to see what he will say. Hopefully, I can share some news about that.

Lastly, here are a few pics of our fist days together.
Seeing him with Lily and Judah playing together just absolutely makes my soul soar!
I like to call them my Chinese Trio. :)

I have had some much sweeter moments I could have captured, but I am trying to be in the moment and not always have my phone in my hand. This is all I’ve got so far.




Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Thanks to all that have prayed for us, donated money, helped me with my kids (while gone and since we have been home), brought meals, said kind words, been patient with us, stocked my pantry.

I have some of the best family, friends, and church family.
So thankful to God for the people that he has placed in our life.

Feeling so blessed,

Last few days in Guangzhou.

We have had a great last few days.

The other Lifeline families came and it was so nice to have the camaraderie. We have already made some great new friends.


Zoe and Milo really enjoyed the Pearl River boat cruise.


photo 2IMG_8905


I just love this city.


However, I also can say, with total certainty, that there has definitely been a feeling of finality in this trip. Shaun and I both have felt that we can sense this will be our last trip here for awhile-at least where adoptions are concerned.

We still hope for the opportunity to bring all our children back here one day, or to come back for mission work. But, it’s hard to describe, something just feels different this time.

We both feel the desire to help orphaned children from a different direction now, in a different way. We are not sure exactly what that will look like, but we are listening and waiting.

We took our oath before the US Consulate today, so we are now official state side.

We finished it off by taking his picture with the little children statue…


just like his brother…


and his sister…


This little boy will never walk alone again.

From the mama that is ready to be with all her kiddos under one roof again soon,